Quiz: Politicians in TV Shows and Movies

Test your knowledge of political cameos in films and on television.

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  1. On which TV show did President Obama recently make an appearance?
  2. Which of these senators was on the guest list in Wedding Crashers?
  3. Which former vice president has voiced himself on Futurama a few times?
  4. True or false: Arnold Schwarzenegger has not filmed any new movie scenes since becoming governor of California.
  5. Which senator had a bad encounter with the Joker in The Dark Knight?
  6. True or false: Michelle Obama is the only first lady to have appeared on Sesame Street.
  7. In 1996, House Speaker Newt Gingrich played himself on which show?
  8. In 1997, Sen. Ted Kennedy made a plea for healthcare reform on which TV show?
  9. Which movie includes cameos from Sens. Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Orrin Hatch, and Chuck Grassley?
  10. Which former president will appear in the upcoming sequel to The Hangover?