Quiz: Christmas in Washington

Test your knowledge of Christmas traditions in the nation's capital.

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  1. 1. What kind of tree is this year's Capitol Christmas Tree?
  2. What is the theme of this year's Capitol Christmas Tree?
  3. Who ceremoniously lit this year's Capitol Christmas Tree?
  4. Which president started the tradition of lighting the National Christmas Tree?
  5. True or false: The first National Christmas Tree was decorated with electric bulbs in red, white, and green.
  6. For two years of whose presidency was the National Christmas Tree not lit?
  7. What year was the current National Christmas Tree planted on the Ellipse?
  8. The official White House Christmas Tree is traditionally always placed in what room of the White House?
  9. Who placed an ornament on the White House Christmas Tree of a stocking full of coal with the Speaker of the House's name, sparking a slight controversy?