Quiz: A Look at Earmarks and Pork Spending

Test your knowledge of government spending.

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  1. What was the actual name of the Alaska pork-barrel project commonly referred to as the "Bridge to Nowhere"?
  2. How much does New Jersey owe the federal government after canceling a tunnel project funded by earmarks?
  3. What state drew unwanted attention after being singled out for plans to spend $3.4 million on a tunnel for turtles?
  4. What major project had its federal funding capped at $8.55 billion in 2000?
  5. What state receives more in earmark funding annually than any other?
  6. Which of these senators has not sponsored or cosponsored any earmark legislation this fiscal year?
  7. True or false: Less than 1 percent of the federal budget goes to earmarks.
  8. Which Republican was the lead sponsor of the Senate's earmark moratorium bill?
  9. Which of these Senate Democrats voted in favor of the moratorium?