Boeing, Lockheed Martin Top Federal Contractors

The government awarded $466.7 billion in contracts in 2010.

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The federal government performs a variety of public services, from defending the nation to providing the latest medical research. But someone has to provide the weapons to defend the country and maintain the facilities that house those researchers, and that is where private contractors come in.

The federal government reports that it did business with 2,859 contractors during fiscal year 2010, awarding $466.7 billion in contracts altogether. That money is not spent evenly, however; of the top 10 contractors, all received a majority of their awards from the Department of Defense, which awards nearly $300 billion in contracts every year. That is more than 10 times the amount awarded by any other agency or department, and accounts for nearly two-thirds of all government contracts. In addition, the top five government contractors together accounted for nearly one-fifth of all fiscal year 2010 government contract dollars.

Below are the top government contractors for fiscal year 2010, according to data from the Office of Management and Budget's website.

Contractor Amount Awarded Largest Award Department Largest Award Products/
Services Sold
Lockheed Martin Corporation $30,357,440,610 Defense Aircraft Operational Systems Development
The Boeing Company 16,095,220,590 Defense Aircraft, Fixed Wing
General Dynamics Corporation 13,529,475,451 Defense Submarines
Northrop Grumman Corporation 13,259,012,958 Defense Aircraft Carriers
Raytheon Company 13,082,257,955 Defense Guided Missiles
L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. 6,723,198,312 Defense Aircraft—Basic Research
United Technologies Corporation 6,462,156,436 Defense Aircraft, Rotary Wing
Oshkosh Corporation 5,951,419,402 Defense Combat Assault and Tactical Vehicles, Wheeled
SAIC, Inc. 5,781,630,241 Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health—Operation of Government Facilities
BAE Systems, PLC 5,085,336,837 Defense Weapons Systems, Specific Vehicular Accessories