Barack Obama Prepares for Midterm Results

Is the president already raising the white flag?

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By Aliyah Shahid

Is Barack Obama already raising the white flag?

The President announced that he would hold a press conference on Wednesday -- the day after the mid-term elections, where Democrats are expected to suffer heavy losses.

The rare press event comes just days before Obama leaves the country for a 10-day trip to Asia. He’s likely to be pressed on how he’ll handle the new political landscape.

Republicans are looking to gain majorities in the House and Senate. The GOP must win 39 seats to take control of the House and 10 seats to capture control of the Senate.

Cook Political Report predicted a GOP net gain of 50 to 60 seats in the House and six to eight seats in the Senate.

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But the President hasn’t thrown in the towel completely. Obama turned to the radio waves on Monday and Tuesday in a last ditch effort to get out the Democrat vote.

He will be interviewed live on radio stations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer of California and Senate President Harry Reid of Nevada are in close re-election races, respectively. He’ll also tape radio interviews for broadcast in Chicago and Jacksonville, Fla.

The President is also taping a round of interviews Monday that will air today in Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Honolulu and Miami.

In hopes of reaching out to young voters, Obama recorded an interview with American Idol host Ryan Seacrest on Monday. It aired on Tuesday morning. The president discussed negative campaign ads, immigration reform, and high unemployment rates among young people.

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It wasn’t all politics though. Obama disclosed his daughters’ Halloween costumes (Malia was a Sour Patch girl and Sasha was a turkey), how much sleep he’s getting (not much), if he was offended that Comedian Jon Stewart called him dude (no), and if he takes out his BlackBerry on date night with the First Lady (never).

The president’s aides told The Hill that the president is not openly anxious in anticipation of the election results. They said that he’ll go on with business as usual; while he’ll likely have a television on in the background, he won’t be obsessive.

"He’s not going to be hunkered down in a war room," a White House Official reportedly said.