5 of 7 Biggest Super PACs Support Democrats

While many top super PACs favor Democrats, Karl Rove's group has outspent them all.


6) Commonsense Ten ($3,172,577)

Formed in June by three Democratic strategists, Commonsense Ten began its spending in mid-September, on ads opposing the Missouri Republican Senate nominee, Rep. Roy Blunt. The group has primarily involved itself in the battleground Senate races of Colorado, Delaware Kentucky, Missouri, Washington, and West Virginia. But in the last week, Commonsense Ten has also turned its attention to Iowa's First-District House contest, dropping $390,000 opposing Republican Benjamin Lange as he challenges Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley.

7) Patriot Majority PAC ($1,873,897)

This super PAC, founded in October 2009, has spent nearly all of its money this cycle opposing Nevada Tea Party darling Sharron Angle, who is locked in a close race with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. For two months, the group has been engaging in radio, TV, direct mail, and phone campaigns against Angle, and has spent comparatively little--$18,200--in support of Reid. The group has reported independent expenditures in only one other race--that in Oregon's Fourth District, where Patriot Majority spent $13,225 on a direct mail campaign against Republican Art Robinson, who is challenging Rep. Peter DeFazio.

8) Super PAC for America ($1,633,785)

Dick Morris was a top adviser in the Clinton White House, working closely with the Democratic president on his successful 1996 reelection bid. Now, Morris is the chief strategist for Super PAC for America, and has set a goal of electing 100 new Republicans to the House in November. The group has quickly risen to the top of the super PAC heap, spending all of its $1.6 million in 17 House races since October 19. Chief among its chosen contenders is Tennessee Republican Scott Desjarlais. Super PAC for America has spent $173,000 on ads hyping Desjarlais, who will take on Democratic Rep. Lincoln Davis on Tuesday.

9) Alaskans Standing Together ($1,260,000)

Alaskans Standing Together has spent solely in support of one candidate this cycle: Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who is running as a write-in candidate after her defeat at the hands of Miller in her state's Republican primary. Since then, she has pulled ahead in the polls, and Alaskans Standing Together has been her biggest proponent. Since late September, the group has spent nearly $1.3 million on advertising promoting Murkowski, including TV spots instructing viewers on just how to elect her: "write in 'Lisa Murkowski'" and "fill in the oval."

10) Ending Spending Fund ($1,150,000)

The Ending Spending Fund is another recent addition to the list of top-spending super PACs, having shelled out all of its $1.2 million between October 19 and 21. The group, which is chaired by Chicago Cubs owner and former TD Ameritrade CEO J. Joseph Ricketts, says it supports or opposes candidates based on their positions on earmarks. It is the only group among the top 10 super PACs to be bipartisan in its spending. Though the group has largely opposed Democrats, including Reid, South Carolina Rep. John Spratt, and Texas Rep. Chet Edwards, the fund has also spent nearly $30,000 in support of Idaho Democratic Rep. Walter Minnick, who has sought a permanent ban on the practice of earmarks.

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