Rhode Island Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Frank Caprio Says Obama Can ‘Shove It’

Obama has previously shunned the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

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By Kenneth R. Bazinet

WASHINGTON - President Obama may have to eat some humble pie and do some fence-mending Monday with the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Rhode Island he previously shunned.

Obama refused to endorse the Dem as a favor to the independent candidate in the race.

The Democrat, Frank Caprio, says Obama can "shove it."

Obama stiffed his party's nominee as payback to independent candidate Lincoln Chafee, a former GOP senator who endorsed Obama over Hillary Clinton and John McCain in 2008.

That doesn't mean much to Caprio, who went off on the President Monday morning on a Providence radio station.

Obama will tour a factory in Woonsocket Monday and is the headliner later at two Providence fund-raisers for congressional candidates.

Caprio indicated he may skip the events.

Caprio told WPRO Obama can "take his endorsement and shove it," calling the decision not to endorse a Democrat "Washington insider politics at its worst."

The White House has yet to comment on the latest sign that Obama is the leader of a deeply-divided party.