Quiz: A Flash of Mettle in the Military

Test your knowledge of military awards and recognitions.

  1. Whose image is on the Purple Heart?
  2. What decoration can be earned without being involved in enemy conflict?
  3. Which of these is not an actual U.S. military decoration?
  4. True or false: The Silver Star is a higher military decoration than the Distinguished Service Cross.
  5. What decoration has been granted to Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Oliver Stone, Charles Bronson, Pat Tillman, and John Kerry?
  6. The Medal of Honor was first awarded to participants in which war?
  7. True or false: Since the end of the Vietnam War, only one living person has been awarded the Medal of Honor.
  8. A small silver star attached to a ribbon is equivalent to how many bronze stars?
  9. What does the letter "V" stand for when it is attached to certain medals?
  10. What item is added to a decoration to show multiple bestowals of the award?