What's in the White House Visitor Logs

What the White House discloses and what it doesn't about its visitors

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While the White House Visitor Access Records shown here represent the most visitor information ever voluntarily disclosed by an administration, they do not constitute a full record of White House guests. According to the White House voluntary disclosure policy, the White House is releasing data only on visits from Sept. 15, 2009 on. Information on visits before that date has been released only in response to specific requests. In addition, the White House does not post information on visits until 90 to 120 days after they occur in order to "allow the White House to continue to conduct business," according to the disclosure policy. The White House also omits data on "purely personal" visits and "particularly sensitive meetings" from its data releases.

The data currently displayed were released by the White House on March 25, 2011, and include information on visits through December 31, 2010. Data are updated on a monthly basis. The names appear as downloaded from the White House Web site, meaning that they may contain misspellings as entered by the White House.