Answers: Alfred Nobel's Prized Legacy

Test your knowledge of the history of the Nobel Prize.

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1. In what year was the first Nobel Prize awarded?

C. 1901

2. What is Alfred Nobel, who established the Nobel Prize in his last will and testament, most famous for inventing?

A. Dynamite

3. Which of the following is not a category of the Nobel Prize?

D. Sociology

4. Who was the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

B. Theodore Roosevelt

5. True or false: The peace prize is the only Nobel not presented in Stockholm.

True. It is presented in Oslo.

6. Of the 806 Nobel Prizes that have been awarded to individuals through 2009, how many have gone to women?

B. 41

7. True or false: A Nobel Prize cannot be revoked under any circumstances.


8. Which of these authors was not a Nobel laureate?

D. Tennessee Williams

9. Approximately how much money in U.S. dollars is given to a Nobel recipient?

B. $1.4 million

10. Which of these people has been awarded more than one Nobel Prize?

C. Marie Curie