Vulnerable House Democrats Declare Their Independence in 2010 Election

Associated Press + More

Re-election prospects seem particularly dim for the handful of Democrats who trumped Republican incumbents while riding Obama's coattails in 2008.

In Virginia, Nye rarely tells voters he is a Democrat. He calls himself a fiscal conservative and has circulated a petition to extend all income tax rates.

Still, he's in a toss-up race in a conservative district that seems eager to return to a Republican.

In Nevada, Titus' independent message has done little to nudge poll numbers in her favor in a district plagued by record high levels of foreclosures and unemployment and sinking property values.

The first-term congresswoman defended her claim in a recent interview with assurances that she would be willing to vote for extending Bush era tax cuts for everyone and would have voted against the bank bailout had she been in office at the time.

Her challenger, tea party favorite Joe Heck, paints her as a Pelosi henchman.

Titus' "independent voice" sign hangs in Heck's campaign office. His staff called it motivation.

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