Two Republicans Vie to Take on Maryland Democrat Frank Kratovil

First District race highlights Maryland primaries.

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Attorney Jim Rutledge is another Republican candidate who comes into the race with significant support, both in the form of money and the Tea Party movement. Working to differentiate himself from Wargotz, Rutledge is billing himself as "the Tea Party candidate," even though Wargotz also claims Tea Party support. While he has significantly less in his campaign account than Wargotz, with only $3,727 left of the $159,000 he has raised this cycle, Rutledge is working to spin these facts to his advantage, criticizing Wargotz for trying to "buy the election" with his largely self-funded campaign. 

However, it appears that Wargotz has more voters behind him than Rutledge, and that either candidate will have to fight hard to win in November. An August 17 Rasmussen poll of showed that 55 percent of likely voters said they would vote for Mikulski, compared to 39 percent who supported Wargotz. Only 3 percent said they would vote for "some other candidate," and an additional 3 percent were undecided. That leaves precious few voters for the primary winners to try to win over before Election Day. 

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