Rangel Hopes for Another Term

The fate of embattled Rep. Charlie Rangel hangs in the balance during Tuesday’s primary.

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BY Kathleen Lucadamo, Erin Einhorn, Adam Lisberg and Glenn Blain

The fate of embattled Rep. Charles Rangel - the legendary Lion of Harlem - hangs in the balance Tuesday as voters head to the polls in a handful of closely watched primaries.

"This is my life, my career," Rangel said yesterday at a campaign stop in East Harlem.

Rangel, a 20-term congressman battling ethics charges, is being challenged by Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell 4th and three other Dems.

Powell, a 10-year state lawmaker and the son of the man Rangel beat in 1970, also has ethical baggage: He's twice been accused of rape and was convicted of impaired driving.

"We're looking for a big victory," Powell said. "Rangel is no longer that powerful."

The others in the race are activist Joyce Johnson, gadfly Jonathan Tasini and banker Vince Morgan.

Reps. Ed Towns (D-Brooklyn) and Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan) also face tough competitors eager to capitalize on national anger toward Congress.

Maloney is up against newcomer Reshma Saujani in a battle for the upper East Side. The two raised more than $4 million, making it one of the most expensive House primary races.

Towns, of central Brooklyn, is defending against Kevin Powell, an ex-MTV star who hopes to be "the first true hip-hop head in Congress."

A GOP primary is being held on Staten Island between former FBI agent Michael Grimm and businessman Michael Allegretti. The winner takes on incumbent Dem. Rep. Michael McMahon.

Republican primaries are also being held for the Senate seats held by Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, who faces little-known city attorney Gayle Goode on the Democratic ballot.