Meek and Greene Highlight Expensive Florida Primaries

In GOP governor's primary, McCollum faces Scott.


The primaries for Florida's governor race are also gaining nationwide attention. On the GOP side, healthcare industry executive Rick Scott and current Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum are the two most competitive candidates. McCollum has accused Scott of trying to buy the election, as Scott has loaned his campaign $38.9 million, according to records from the Florida Department of State. McCollum, meanwhile, reports $11.6 million in receipts. But despite the mismatch in funding, the two are evenly matched in polls. The August 23 Quinnipiac poll showed McCollum with a statistically insignificant four-point lead, 39 percent to 35 percent, over Rick Scott (margin of error 3.5 percentage points). 

On the Democratic side, Florida state CFO Alex Sink is heavily favored to win the nomination, facing only 2008 Socialist Party presidential nominee Brian Moore in the primary. Moore bills himself as a "real progressive," advocating such programs as establishing a Florida state-run bank as well as state-run, non-profit, single-payer health care system. While Moore's liberal views might appeal to some voters, Sink is indubitably better-equipped financially for a general election, with $11.2 million in receipts, to Moore's mere $9,200.

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