John McCain Fights for His Political Life in Arizona

GOP challenger J.D. Hayworth hits the former "maverick" from the right.


Though the governor's race in Arizona has gained national attention, the primaries will likely be uneventful. The field in this race for November appears to be set, with Republican incumbent Jan Brewer and Democrat Terry Goddard, the state's attorney general, as the presumptive major-party candidates. Brewer's signing this year of Arizona's new immigration law polarized both her state and the country, making immigration issue number one in this race. For now, Goddard has the lead in money going into November. Though he has raised only slightly more than Brewer, with $766,000 to her $759,000, he has nearly $450,000 on hand according to his pre-primary report, compared to Brewer's $90,000. 

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