Quiz: Rules of the Campaign-Money Game

Test your knowledge of campaign finance laws.

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  1. Under which president was the Federal Election Commission founded?
  2. What is the most money an individual can give to a federal candidate per election?
  3. True or false: Federal candidates are required to identify individuals who give them $15 or more in an election cycle.
  4. Expenditures to individuals or vendors over what amount must be disclosed?
  5. Which of these pieces of legislation is not related to campaign finance reform?
  6. Who was dubbed "Darth Vader" for often attacking campaign finance reform?
  7. True or false: No Republican backed the Disclose Act on political advertising.
  8. What law barred unions from donating directly to candidates in federal elections, leading to the creation of PACs?
  9. What is "soft money"?
  10. What is the most an individual can give a national party committee per year?