Senate OKs $600 Million for Border Security

The bill, backed by Sen. Chuck Schumer, is an effort to make the U.S. border with Mexico more secure.

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WASHINGTON - The Senate passed a $600 million bill Thursday to beef up border security, including sending airborne drones to search for illegal immigrants.

The bill, backed by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), targets the Mexican border and would be paid for by slapping fees on foreign companies that import skilled workers to the United States from India and other parts of the world. [See who donates the most money to Schumer.]

"We are serious about making the border more secure than ever," Schumer said.

He wants to spend $176 million for a "strike force" of 1,000 border agents at critical locations, $89 million for 500 other border personnel and $196 million for law enforcers and prosecutors.

The bill includes $32 million for the drones.