Betsy Markey Trying Blue-Collar Work to Promote Jobs

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Rep. Betsy Markey wants voters to think of her as a businesswoman who knows how to get her hands dirty and work hard — not a Washington insider.

So the Democratic freshman is launching a blue-collar jobs tour that has her doing workaday tasks. She's donning a deliveryman's uniform and delivering packages. Filling in as a hostess at a Mexican restaurant. Markey even plans to pour beer and scoop ice cream at businesses around her northern Colorado district over the next five days. [See who is donating money to Markey's campaign.]

Markey filled in on similar jobs while campaigning two years ago, when she was first elected. Markey's campaign says she's also meeting with small business owners to hear about the economy.

Markey's tour continues through Monday.