Quiz: A Representative Sample

Test your knowledge of current members of the House of Representatives.

  1. Which of these representatives is married to a fellow representative?
  2. Who is the first former welfare mother to serve in Congress?
  3. Whose 2005 wedding was attended by Shirley MacLaine and Sean Penn?
  4. Which representative's son is campaigning for Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning's soon-to-be-vacant seat?
  5. True or false: Grace Napolitano (D-Calif.) is related to Janet Napolitano.
  6. Which representative has provided foster care for more than 20 children?
  7. True or false: Eric Cantor (R-Va.) maintains a strict kosher diet.
  8. Which representative has children named Navy and Island?
  9. Whose initial election was enabled by Pope John Paul II, who issued an order that caused a seat in the House to open?
  10. For how many years has John Dingell (D-Mich.) served as a representative?
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