Auto Dealers Fight to Avoid New Regulations

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Still, nervous about the dealers' strength, Reid has demanded that Brownback's amendment be subject to a 60-vote majority this week.

Dealers maintain they already are well-regulated at the state level and that extra regulations will simply create additional costs that would be passed on to consumers.

"For auto dealers, where financing is hardest to come by in rural towns in small America, this would, in fact, be a direct hit on their business," Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., said.

The exception they seek would not affect businesses such as Carmax, which sell cars and provide their own financing. Those dealerships still would fall under the new consumer regulations, as would giant lenders such as GMAC.

Dodd has argued that even in assembling financing for customers, car dealers should not escape the same regulations as others who help write loans.

"It is crucial that auto dealers, in the financing of autos, play by the same rules as their competitors do in communities all across our country," he said.

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