Pamela Anderson Fights for Chimp Bill

The PETA backer wants to stop testing on chimpanzees.

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Booted from Dancing with the Stars, Pamela Anderson is turning her attention to Washington where she hopes to do the tango with a handful of important lawmakers over legislation to stop the testing of drugs on animals.

Anderson, who suffers from hepatitis C, is calling on Washington to back legislation to ban experiments on Chimpanzees and instead support human-based research. The legislation is called the Great Ape Protection Act, H.R. 1326.

In letters to Rep. Henry Waxman, chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and Rep. Frank Pallone, who chairs a health subcommittee, the sexy Baywatch star and supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals begs for an end to the testing.

"As one of the more than 3 million Americans living with hepatitis C, I am writing to ask that you take steps to end ineffective and cruel research using chimpanzees and direct federal funds to modern, human-based research methods that will be more effective at finding a vaccine and treatment for hepatitis C and other deadly diseases," writes Anderson. "I implore that you encourage the National Institutes of Health and other agencies to invest in more effective and efficient human cell based technologies that are more likely to yield successful results."

More than 1,000 chimps live in U.S. labs for experimentation according to her ally in the fight, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Here's her letter to Waxman.