Quiz: The Electoral College Code

Test your knowledge of the system by which Americans elect the president.

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  1. Which amendment to the Constitution describes the Electoral College's role?
  2. Which two states use a system of distributing electoral votes that is not winner-take-all?
  3. Which of these candidates did not win his home state's electoral votes?
  4. Which of these state's electoral votes did not go to Barack Obama in 2008?
  5. True or false: Once a person wins 269 electoral votes, he or she can claim victory.
  6. Of the following states, which has the fewest electoral votes?
  7. Which of these states currently has more than three electoral votes?
  8. True or false: Presidential electors are governed by the laws of each state, not by federal laws.
  9. Which state has the most electoral votes?
  10. Which was the first election in which Washington, D.C., had electoral votes?
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