Quiz: Money Matters

Test your knowledge of U.S. currency.

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  1. Which person has never appeared on an authentic dollar coin?
  2. What was the largest currency denomination ever produced by the U.S. Treasury?
  3. True or false: The $100 bill is the highest denomination still minted.
  4. Which of these cities is not home to a U.S. Mint facility?
  5. What large building is on the reverse side of modern nickels?
  6. Pennies created after 1982 are made almost entirely out of what metal?
  7. Who is on the District of Columbia's state quarter, issued in 2009?
  8. Which of these years has never been printed on a U.S. quarter?
  9. Which of these bills features a man who never served as president?
  10. True or false: All U.S. coins currently manufactured bear the two phrases E Pluribus Unum and In God We Trust.
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