Quiz: In Their Own Words

Test your knowledge of political memoirs.

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  1. Which president's memoir, published in 1990, was called An American Life?
  2. How much of an advance was Hillary Clinton paid for writing Living History?
  3. Which former defense secretary penned Love in Black and White?
  4. Which former congressman wrote Herding Cats: A Life in Politics?
  5. True or false: The hardcover version of Bill Clinton's autobiography My Life is more than 1,000 pages long.
  6. What was the name of Nancy Reagan's 1989 autobiography?
  7. What did Bill Clinton adviser Vernon Jordan entitle his memoir?
  8. Which world leader authored The Story of My Experiments With Truth?
  9. True or False: Barack Obama's Dreams From My Father won a Grammy.
  10. To whom did Ted Kennedy dedicate his 2009 memoir, True Compass?
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