Insiders Speculate on Palin's New Book

Going Rogue will be scrutinized for insights into Palin's character.


Sarah Palin's upcoming book is sparking intense interest among political insiders of all stripes because Going Rogue: An American Life is expected to provide new insights into Palin's character, her views, and her strategy as a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2012. Big questions being asked by Washington insiders are whether Pain will use the book to explain her political philosophy in more detail or will try to settle scores from the campaign, when anonymous Republicans savaged her in the media, saying she wasn't ready for prime time and wasn't following the advice of aides to the GOP presidential nominee, John McCain.

Her independence was described at the time as "going rogue." Many conservatives say that the former Alaska governor should not hold grudges and that she should use her book tour to cultivate more support among rank-and-file Republicans around the country, with whom she created a base as the GOP vice presidential candidate, and raise money for the party. Her publisher is expected to print 1.5 million copies of her book, a very high number, and Palin's publication date has been moved from next spring to November 17 to capitalize on the current public interest in her. But a prominent conservative activist with ties to many other GOP insiders says that while Palin remains popular in some conservative circles, she has yet to clarify her intentions. "I don't know what the game plan is," the activist says, "and I don't know who's in charge."