Answers: The Federal Bureau of Investigation

Test your knowledge of the FBI.

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1. In what year was the Bureau of Investigation (the agency that would later be renamed the FBI) founded?

B. 1908

2. Under what government department does the FBI currently operate?

A. Justice

3. What is the agency's official motto?

C. Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

4. Including his tenure as head of the Bureau of Investigation, for how many years did J. Edgar Hoover run the FBI?

D. 48 years

5. True or false: The current term limit for the director of the FBI is 10 years.


6. Which of these Watergate conspirators was once an FBI agent?

B. G. Gordon Liddy

7. True or false: FBI directors are appointed by the president and must be confirmed by the Senate.


8. Which of these films does not prominently feature FBI agents?

D. The Fugitive is about U.S. Marshals.

9. Where is the FBI  Academy, the main training facility for agents, located?

B. Quantico, Va.

10. Which of these "public enemies" died at the hands of FBI agents?

C. Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd