Scotland Frees Terminally Ill Lockerbie Bomber

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The question of freeing al-Megrahi has divided Lockerbie families, with many in Britain in favor of setting him free and many in the U.S. adamantly opposed.

British Rev. John Mosey, whose daughter Helga, 19, died in the attack, said Wednesday he would be glad to see al-Megrahi return home.

"It is right he should go home to die in dignity with his family. I believe it is our Christian duty to show mercy," he said.

Associated Press Writers Geoff Mulvihill in Mount Laurel, N.J., Shawn Marsh in Trenton, N.J., Meera Selva in London, Matthew Lee in Washington, Jessica M. Pasko in Albany, N.Y., and Jim Hannah in Dayton, Ohio, contributed to this report.