AIG Quietly Seeks Government's OK for Executive Bonuses

Just months after sparking national outrage, AIG hopes to give $2.4 million more to top bosses.

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Kenneth Bazinet and Bill Hutchinson
Daily News Staff Writers

Just months after sparking national outrage by paying executives big bonuses, the American International Group is hoping to dole out $2.4 million more to top bosses.

AIG is hoping President Obama's new compensation czar, Kenneth Feinberg, goes along with dishing out more gravy to about 40 corporate officers next week, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Bosses are hoping approval by the government will shield the company from public furor.

A Treasury Department spokesman wouldn't reveal Feinberg's view on the bonuses but said, "Companies will need to convince Mr. Feinberg that they have struck the right balance to discourage excessive risk taking and reward performance for their top executives."

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