Quiz: First Ladies

Test your knowledge of presidential spouses.

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  1. What was Martha Washington's maiden name?
  2. Which first lady was the first to live in the White House?
  3. Who was the first president's wife to die during her husband's time in office?
  4. Which first lady held regular news conferences to which she invited only female reporters?
  5. True or false: Jacqueline Kennedy is the only first lady buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
  6. Which first lady, known for her beautification efforts, wrote the book Wildflowers Across America?
  7. What was the birth name of Pat Nixon?
  8. Which first lady was a professional dancer and model in her youth?
  9. How many former first ladies are still alive?
  10. True or false: Hillary Clinton was the first former first lady to be elected to public office.
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Updated on July 29, 2011