Air Force One Flyover Photo on the Way

The White House will make public a photo from its ill-conceived flyover in Manhattan.


BY Kenneth R. Bazinet

WASHINGTON - The White House will make public a photo this week from its ill-conceived Air Force One flyover around lower Manhattan, as well as the findings of an internal review into the incident.

"The report, I believe, will be concluded at some point this week. We'll release its findings and release a photo," said spokesman Robert Gibbs.

The photo shoot staged by a jet from the Air Force One fleet and an F16 fighter plane flying low near the Statue of Liberty cost taxpayers $328,835, according to a Pentagon estimate, and frightened witnesses into thinking they were watching another 9/11 attack.

The White House Military Office wanted the picture of the President's plane for promotional purposes. The director of that office, Louis Caldera, has taken responsibility for the incident and apologized.