The Digital President: Barack Obama's Internet Town Hall Is a First

Barack Obama is proving he is the digital president.



He collected more than 13 million email addresses and raised half a billion dollars online during the campaign, he has YouTube channel, a Facebook page, he Twitters and he stubbornly refuses to relinquish his BlackBerry, President Obama is the first digital president - and Thursday, he will take it one step further.

On Thursday, Obama will host an Internet Town Hall meeting in the White House East Room, during which anyone can tune in and submit questions online. 

The White House Web site reports that 92,829 people have submitted 103,979 questions and voted 3,608,445 times for their favorite questions.

Citizens across the country can watch the event online at OpenForQuestions.

The president likely will use the session to explain his massive budget plan, a $3.6 version of which the House of Representatives Budget Committee approved over objections from Republicans who say it spends taxes and borrows too much. Administration critics argued Obama would drive the country into unsustainable debt.

Obama will also answer follow-up questions from a live audience of about 100 people.

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