What Role Will Joe Biden Play in the Obama administration?

The veep will carve out a more prominent role in coming weeks, insiders say.


Vice President Joe Biden has been mostly a silent sidekick for President Obama this week as they settled into office after Inauguration Day. But White House insiders say Biden will get a more prominent role in the coming weeks and will become more aggressive in promoting the administration's overall plans and his special project of protecting the middle class.

One sign of things to come: The White House schedule provided to the media for today lists six high-profile meetings involving both Obama and Biden, including an economic briefing and a session with Democratic and Republican leaders from Congress.

What most impressed the insiders was the announcement that Biden will meet Obama for lunch today, one on one, in the private dining room adjacent to the Oval Office. When he accepted the vice presidential nomination, Biden made a point of saying that Obama promised to meet privately with him once a week. The fact that these sessions are starting week one is considered a sign that Biden will be the kind of presidential confidant that he sought to be.