Gov. Paterson: No Hasty Choice for Hillary Clinton's Senate Seat

Paterson is telling those who want a hasty decision to chill out.

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Meredith Kolodner and Michael Saul
Daily News Staff Writers

One day after Mayor Bloomberg called again for a quick decision on Hillary Clinton's successor, Gov. Paterson stood his ground and said those demanding a hasty selection should chill out.

"I think the proper government response is to make it when the seat becomes open, and many of those who are calling for a quicker decision would probably help the decision if they would refrain from all of the gossip," Paterson said Thursday.

A spokesman for the governor, Errol Cockfield, denied Paterson's comment was a swipe at Bloomberg, though Bloomberg is the most high-profile person calling for a fast decision.

Stu Loeser, a Bloomberg spokesman, declined to comment.

Paterson has said he will not make the appointment until the Senate confirms Clinton's appointment as Barack Obama's secretary of state.