Blog Buzz: Gramm, Obama Bucks, and McCain's Ad

Is Gramm Carter 2 or just the un-Reagan? Obama's magical mystery money and McCain's new ad.


Our daily look at stories and topics lighting up the Internets today:

Gramm-atical error

Phil Gramm: The un-great communicator. He might even be Jimmy Carter. It's already even inspired a music video (sort of) and satire. And inspired questions about the role of surrogates. And inspired questions about the definition of the word "gaffe." Is Gramm right? Tell us what you think.

Show me the money

Is Obama having fundraising problems? Maybe, maybe not. While we wait for the answer, the spin goes on: Some liberals are trotting out bravado on the issue, explanations, or just gloom.

McCain's new TV ad

McCain's new TV ad draws this reaction from the right: Conservative blogger 1: "Monumentally stupid." Conservative blogger 2: I can't improve on conservative blogger 1. Oh, and look: There's Tom Tancredo.

—Robert Schlesinger