Blog Buzz: Phil Gramm's Mental Recession, Karl Rove's Congressional Snub and Obama on Bilingualism

It's all in Phil Gramm's head, Bush's brain disses the second branch, and Obama on Spanish.

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Phil Gramm's malaise

Channeling July, 1979, Jimmy Carter, Phil Gramm stuffs his foot deeply into his mouth. Liberal and progressive bloggers pounce with glee and gusto. So if it is a whiner nation, does that still mean it's not a clinging nation? Conservatives rally gamely to his defense. You know whose fault this all is? The media.

Rove-ing far and wide (of Congress)

What happens if Congress holds a hearing and the guest of honor doesn't show up? Blog gnashing to start. Does this go away quietly? Not bloody likely.

Words matter...and so does language

In a recent speech Obama promoted bilingualism in the United States and said that eventually all children should speak more than one language. Unfortunately most Americans disagree, but some bloggers say Obama's mostly right and that conservatives need to chill out about the comment. Others say his argument is too focused on a single language and makes no sense.

—Robert Schlesinger and Gretchen Hannes