Blog Buzz: John McCain, Social Security, Iran's missiles, and FISA

McCain calls Social Security a disgrace, Iran launches and bloggers respond, FISA passes.


Our daily look at stories and topics lighting up the Internets today:

McCain and Social Security: What a Disgrace!

John McCain said in a town hall meeting that the Social Security system is "an absolute disgrace and it's got to be fixed." Not surprisingly, many liberal bloggers are of the considered opinion that McCain's comments are—wait for it—an absolute disgrace (not to mention historically ill-considered).

Launch, Launch, Launch, Launch, Launch Iran

Middle East tension? What Middle East tension? Iran test-launches missiles, bloggers test-launch rhetoric. Here's the latter: Republican/conservative blogs: McCain's tough stance is good; weak Obama's mushy negotiations are muddled. Democratic/liberal blogs: McCain the maniac will take us over the brink to which Bush's policies have brought us; only Obama can save us now.

Spy vs. Spy

Did Hillary Clinton double-cross Obama on FISA? Regardless, many liberals (not all) are glum at the FISA overhaul's passage and at Barack Obama's failure to stand athwart it. Conservatives have a very nearly opposite reaction.

—Robert Schlesinger and Johannah Cornblatt