Blog Buzz: The Never-Ending Clark-McCain Squabble and McCain-Romney?

The great McCain military record debate rolls, with a splash of McCain-Romney speculation thrown in.

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Today's Train to Clarksville

L'Affaire Clark rolls into its third day (in case you've been too busy cleaning out your Swift Boat to follow the news, The Fix sums up where we've been so far) and the McCain campaign sets up another conference call defending their candidate McMilitary McRecord. And McCain supporters continue to make the case that Clark was not a political lone gunman. Was Wes Clark Swift Boating McCain? "No!" say McCain supporters because the Swift Boaters were right (whereas Clark supporters say no because the Swift Boaters were wrong). Speaking of military records, Clark's is now under fire. Clark, meanwhile, refuses to retreat and keeps charging forward (generally into the path of oncoming television cameras). Is it helpful? Certainly he's started conversations about what exactly McCain's military record qualifies him for. But does it jibe thematically with the Obama campaign?

Veepstakes: McCain-Romney?

McCain-Romney? TNR says yes! No! No! Could Romney provide a meaningful financial boost to McCain's publicly funded campaign? Only if the cash is raised and spent before the GOP convention in September. Buzz colleague Jim Pethokoukis sees Romney as a Wendell Willkie-like figure (er, Jim, Willkie lost). Tell us your thoughts on Romney as a McCain veep pick.

—Robert Schlesinger and Johannah Cornblatt