Blog Buzz: FISA and the 527

Liberals (except Obama?) furious about wiretapping, MoveOn group moves on


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House OKs FISA, Libs Go Nuts; Obama?

The House passed the FISA overhaul bill, and the liberal portion of the blogosphere is really, really not pleased with it. Oh yeah, and they'd like to know where Barack Obama stands on the issue. And as one side rages, so the other must praise...conservatives are perfectly pleased that the compromise passed.

MoveOn's 527 Moving On

Partly in response to pressure from Barack Obama's campaign, is closing down its 527 for the cycle, according to TPM's Election Central, though Politico's Ben Smith notes that MoveOn's PAC has been doing most of their knife-work this campaign anyway. (Hey—speaking of 527s, where's the Swift Boat?)

—Robert Schlesinger