Blog Buzz: Obama Opts Out of Public Financing, Dems Opt In to Telecom Immunity in FISA Deal

Obama's public financing opt-out gets predictable reactions, as does FISA compromise. Plus, Veepstakes!


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The Democrat skips the big government program

Predictable reactions to Obama-opt out. Kos and others say that Obama staying in the public financing system would have amounted to malpractice. DemStrategist's Ed Kilgore offers some talking points for Obama supporters. Other lefties like the move. NRO's Jim Geraghty is not laudatory. Neither are his NRO colleagues. Or the Weekly Standard. A key question regarding whether Obama broke a public promise is whether or not the two campaigns had a chance to come to a public financing agreement. Naturally, the two sides are bickering about whether they spoke.

An ad-FISA-ble compromise? Liberal bloggers don't think so

A compromise was reached regarding immunity for telecom companies that aided the warrantless wiretapping effort. It's—how to put this?—not popular on the left. And when liberals get angry about Obama supporting a pro-compromise Dem, cons get snarky.



—Robert Schlesinger