News Buzz: Bush Appeals for Support of Afghanistan; Floods in Cedar Rapids; and More

Bush seeks more allied support for Afghanistan, Midwest flooding, Gitmo trials to proceed, and more.

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In a speech in Paris today, President Bush called upon the United States and its allies to increase their support to Afghanistan, which has experienced a spike in insurgent attacks. In his speech, Bush expressed gratitude to the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, for providing additional troops to the region and called upon other European nations to increase their contributions to military and political efforts there.

Flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

More than 100 city blocks are under water in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where rising waters have forced more than 3,000 residents out of their homes and prompted the evacuation of more than 170 people at a local hospital. A main interstate has been closed as well. No deaths or serious injuries have been reported in Iowa, although one man died in flooding in Minnesota. The Cedar River is expected to crest today at 31.8 feet, more than 12 feet higher than the peak set in 1993 during what most Iowans considered to be the worst local flood in recent history.

Administration Vows Gitmo Trials Will Proceed

Following the Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling yesterday about the constitutional rights of detainees held at Guatánamo Bay, Attorney General Michael Mukasey said that he does not believe the ruling will interrupt military trials planned for a number of terrorism suspects. He did predict that the decision will prompt more detainees to file suits. Mukasey, speaking in Tokyo, said, "I'm disappointed with the decision, insofar as I understand that it will result in hundreds of actions challenging the detention of enemy combatants to be moved to federal district court." Read a U.S. News analysis of the Supreme Court's controversial ruling here.

Huckabee Becomes a Fox News Pundit

When former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee gave up his White House bid in March, many pondered what the ordained Baptist preacher would do after making a name on the national stage. Today Fox News Channel announced it had hired Huckabee on as a political commentator. "I hope to bring the unique perspective from 'inside the dragon's belly' as well as to try and speak for the millions of hardworking, middle-class Americans who really do feel that their voices are not being heard," Huckabee said in a statement released by his daughter. Since leaving the campaign, Huckabee has created a political action committee to raise money for former rival John McCain and other Republicans.