Blog Buzz: Supreme Court, Obama's Birth, and Republicans Not for McCain

Habeusing the corpuses, dispelling the Obama birth rumor, and non-McCainiac GOPers


SCOTUS habeuses the corpus

Liberals applaud the Supreme Court's decision granting Guantánamo Bay prisoners access to U.S. courts, with special praise for Justice Kennedy. Conservatives (who love Justice Scalia) wonder whether POWs will be allowed into the courts and whether the Nuremberg verdicts are now unconstitutional. Some even argue that the president's wartime superpowers allow him to ignore the top court. The big question is: What happens next? (Here's one thing: The next president gets to appoint justices to either solidify or knock away this opinion.)

Yes! Obama was born!

The Obama campaign gave Kos a copy of Obama's birth certificate (or his certification of birth, if you really want to pick nits), so we can put any birth-related rumors or speculation to rest. (Speaking of dispelling rumors, the Obama camp has created a new website aimed at knocking these things down. Whether it'll be effective remains up in the air.

Running away from the candidate, GOP edition

With a couple of Dems distancing themselves from Obama, liberal bloggers were delighted to learn that 14 GOP members of the House and Senate have refused to endorse McCain.

—Robert Schlesinger and Johannah Cornblatt