Blog Buzz: Friday Roundup, From the Vice Presidency to Wiretapping to Colbert

Libs bugged by McCain and a DeLay sighting (everyone cringes).


Our daily look at stories and topics lighting up the Internets:


Obama-Edwards. Or not. Obama-Strickland? NRO's Jim Geraghty says the GOP would be ready. The Huffington Post's Earl Ofari Hutchinson thinks putting another liberal Democrat such as HRC on the ticket would be "the ultimate political gift from heaven" to McCain. WashPo's Chris Cillizza at The Fix gives a roundup for both parties.

Looking forward: general talk about the election

DemFromCT at Daily Kos looks at Gallup polling and decides that the GOP has become a regional (Southern) party. Ed Kilgore at Democratic Strategist says that Hillary Clinton's speech Saturday will mark an important moment in the battle for her primary voters. TNR's The Plank has suggestions from William Galston on how Obama should run against McCain. TNR's Noam Scheiber, writing at The Stump, argues against the notion of joint town-hall meetings.

Libs flip over McCain wiretapping flop

That McCain was against warrantless wiretapping before he was for it has sent the liberal side of the blogosphere into more fits. That was then, this is now, says Hilzoy, guesting over at WashMo's Political Animal. Steve Benen at CarpetBagger thinks such a flip is par for McCain. Spencer on Attackerman thinks that spokesman Tucker Bounds, who delivered an "elegant" reply when called out on McCain's flip-flopping on wiretapping, should pull a Scott McClellan while the publishing houses are still hot.

Obama wants to turn blue states pinko? Not so fast

Tom DeLay's assertion that Obama is a commie until proven otherwise gets polite rebukes from Paul at Power Line and Buzz colleague James Pethokoukis. Daily Kos's Hunter has a reply that, umm, is less well-mannered.

Colbert reads Blog Buzz

Buzz fans will recall that Wednesday's edition speculated that McCain spoke in front of the weird green screen on Tuesday night in hopes that bloggers might replace it with more a interesting backdrop. Well, noted talk-meister Stephen Colbert must read the Buzz, because he took up the gauntlet and has invited his viewers to do the same. Thanks for crediting us, Stephen! (Hat tip to RedState for noting the Colbert contest.)

—Robert Schlesinger and Johannah Cornblatt