Ex-Presidents With Something to Say

McClellan isn't the only one speaking out of school.


McClellan isn't the only one speaking out of school. So are former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Carter told a literary festival in Great Britain that Israel has perhaps 150 nuclear weapons, putting a number on a secret arsenal that has long been suspected. Clinton made headlines with his screed against supporters of Barack Obama and the news media for allegedly treating his wife "disrespectfully" and for trying to push her out of the Democratic presidential race. Both ex-presidents stayed true to form. Carter is outspoken when he thinks it can help promote human rights and peacemaking. Clinton strikes many as having gone tone deaf in defending his wife, once again delivering intemperate remarks when a more moderate approach would suffice. A senior Hillary strategist says Bill was doing his own thing without coordinating with the campaign. The overall problem is that Carter and Clinton don't seem to have any qualms about speaking out when they feel strongly. And there is no sign that the exes will pipe down anytime soon.