Blog Buzz: Iran, the Obamas, and Kennedy

Today with Nixon and sexism.


Our daily look at stories and topics lighting up the Internets today:

Obam-Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran—Nixon Edition

NRO's Jim Geraghty wants to know: If only Nixon could go to China, who has the cred to go to Iran? (Hint: The Iranian leadership probably wouldn't want to take him hunting.) Speaking of meeting with adversaries, NRO colleague Andrew Stuttaford notes that Nixon met with Castro in 1959, but Mark Steyn (also NRO), says that Nixon/Castro is the wrong analogy—that people should think instead of Kurt Waldheim whose "relatively minor sin of biographical omission relating to his military service in a war that had ended four decades earlier" brought opprobrium upon him. More broadly, PoliticalMavens's Arnold Ahlert wants to know whether a President Obama would allow a nuclear Iran? On the left side of the blogosphere, discussion is percolating about whether or not John McCain knows who actually runs foreign policy in Iran. (Contrary to what the average American might think—really, can even nonaverage Americans spell this name?—it apparently isn't Ahmadinejad.)

Lay Off My Campaign Surrogate!

NRO's Charlotte Hays wonders how exactly Barack Obama plans to get people to lay off his wife. Hot Air's Ed Morrissey thinks that GOP Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker's opposition to the anti-Michelle Obama Web ads is a sign of condescending sexism, while Kyle Moore sends Comments From Left Field to the effect that Corker has learned the lesson that attacking Obama is bad strategy. Meanwhile, Politico's Ben Smith notes that one of the financiers of the attacks on Michelle Obama has been in the strip club business. Insert punch-line here.

Dark Day

Sympathy and condolences for Sen. Edward Kennedy and his family from the left and the right.

—Robert Schlesinger