Obama: 'Lay Off My Wife'; China Mourns; and More

Democratic contender responds to tactic with a warning to the GOP.

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Barack Obama had harsh words for the Tennessee GOP today: "Lay off my wife." Obama was responding to the Tennessee GOP's recent online advertisement featuring remarks from his wife that some viewed as unpatriotic. "The GOP, should I be the nominee, can say whatever they want to say about me, my track record," Obama said on ABC's Good Morning America. "If they think that they're going to try to make Michelle an issue in this campaign, they should be careful because that I find unacceptable, the notion that you start attacking my wife or my family."

Exactly a week after the 7.9 magnitude earthquake rattled China and killed thousands, Chinese citizens stood still Monday for three minutes to mourn the dead. The death toll has reached 34,073, and thousands are still missing as the Chinese government appeals for more international aid to cope with the country's worst disaster in years.

And in Myanmar, the government announced a three-day mourning period for cyclone victims as people remained angry over the inadequate government effort following the storm. Myanmar's military junta agreed to allow in medical teams from the 10 countries belonging to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. And ASEAN will also lead a task force to redistribute foreign aid.

—Nikki Schwab