News Buzz: Myanmar Aid, Clinton Goes on, and More


Relief supplies from the United Nations began arriving today in Myanmar, but U.S. military planes are still being denied access by the nation's isolationist regime. Governments throughout the world and the United Nations have offered to help after a devastating cyclone ripped through the Southeast Asian country on Saturday, but the military junta—generally fearful of foreign influence—has dragged its feet in approving visas for relief teams and allowing supply planes to enter. The United States is getting help from Thailand to negotiate with Myanmar's government to allow the U.S. planes to enter.

Despite calls for her to end her campaign after her loss in North Carolina and narrow win in Indiana, Hillary Clinton is vowing to press on in her quest for the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton will visit three states today—West Virginia, South Dakota, and Oregon—while rival Barack Obama will be in Washington.

After a rocky journey around the globe, the Olympic torch today arrived at the top of the world with a Chinese mountaineering team taking the flame to the peak of Mount Everest. China's state broadcaster CCTV showed the event, spending heavily to build a television studio at a base camp on the mountain. The Everest relay had been criticized by some because of China's tumultuous relationship with Tibet, where the mountain is located. Protesters accused Beijing of using the climb to reassert its control of Tibet.