News Buzz: Myanmar's Cyclone Death Toll, Tuesday's Primaries, and More

Myanmar's foreign minister said the death toll from tropical cyclone Nargis could be as high as 10,000.

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Myanmar's foreign minister said today that the death toll from tropical cyclone Nargis could be as high as 10,000. Nargis hit the Southeast Asian country formerly known as Burma early Saturday, with winds reaching up to 120 mph. Information has been slow coming in, especially from the flooded southern delta region. The government first put the death toll at 351, and then increased it to nearly 4,000. Earlier today, government radio reported 4,000 people killed and nearly 3,000 still missing.

As voters head to the polls tomorrow in Indiana and North Carolina, rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have both expressed the view that the results will not be definitive enough to settle the 16-month battle for the Democratic nomination. On NBC's Today show, Obama predicted that after the final June 3 contests, the Democrats will be in a position to finally make a decision. Clinton refused to predict Tuesday's results. "I think we've closed the gap," she said on CNN's American Morning. Obama remains ahead in pledged delegates and the popular vote while Clinton retains a narrow lead among the Democratic superdelegates.

With Microsoft's decision announced Saturday to walk away from negotiations to buy Yahoo, the repercussions are being felt on the stock market today. In early trading, Yahoo shares dropped 17 percent, while Google's went up 2.3 percent. Microsoft was hoping to buy the struggling Internet pioneer in order to compete with Internet giant Google. However, Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang felt that Microsoft's offer wasn't hefty enough for the company he started 14 years ago in a Silicon Valley trailer.