Washington Whispers: McCain-Rice Ticket

Groups pushing Rice for president have shifted to making her vice president.

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Fans of Condoleezza Rice, the secretary of state, aren't giving up their campaign to get her into the White House. Only now, with Sen. John McCain ready to take the GOP nomination, they're moving to make her vice president. Two groups, led by the main Internet-based pro-Condi organization, are working the Web and McCain team to keep Rice on top of the veep list. Crystal Dueker of ThinkCondi.com tells us: "Since McCain all but clinched the nomination, TC decided to become a VP advocacy group." In fact, they are in the midst of changing their website, formerly focused on a presidential petition drive, to reflect the banner above. Then there's CondiforVP that's pushing her case. Both sites are building a petition drive to present to McCain. "Considering all the candidates we have been subjected to this election year, and considering the potential vice presidential running mates John McCain is considering, few measure up," said Don Henderson of CondiforVP. "Condoleezza Rice represents the highest levels of intelligence, integrity, and experience. She is a national treasure that we would all be lucky to have serve America as our next vice president."