News Buzz: Awaiting Fed's Interest Rate Cut, Unhappy Democrats, and More

To jolt the economy, the Federal Reserve is expected to lower interest rates on Wednesday.


To jolt the economy, the Federal Reserve is expected to lower interest rates on Wednesday at the conclusion of talks opening today. Recent reports suggest the Fed is considering trimming rates by one quarter of a percentage point, which would be smaller than the other recent cuts. The Fed's hesitancy this time most likely reflects concerns about domestic inflation in light of recent reports of rising prices for food and fuel.

A new poll by the Associated Press and Yahoo finds that Democrats have increasingly negative opinions of the Democratic candidate they do not support for president. The poll, which has been tracking Democratic voters' attitudes since November, found that 42 percent of Hillary Clinton backers now hold a negative view of Barack Obama, up from 26 percent last fall. For Obama supporters, 44 percent have a negative view of Clinton, up from 35 percent in November. Additionally, among Obama supporters who dislike Clinton, nearly three quarters say they would rather vote for John McCain in the November election.

More than 200 Virginia residents were injured yesterday after a series of afternoon tornadoes—three, according to reports—touched down in southern Virginia. Extensive damage was reported in Suffolk, Va., where a "major tornado" left more than 100 homes uninhabitable, according to news reports and the National Weather Service. Gov. Tim Kaine declared a state of emergency and is expected to visit the affected regions today.