In Iowa, It's Pick 'Em Time

Close polls for both parties mean that it's anybody's game for caucus night.

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Several weeks ago former Waterloo Mayor Bernie McKinley told U.S. News that he decided to support Huckabee because of his consistent stands on social issues like abortion and gay rights. Huckabee's recent stumbles on foreign affairs haven't altered his affection for the Baptist minister.

"Yes, there have been some gaffes, but he's a quick learner and he'll do fine," McKinley said. (But if Huckabee's unpredictable campaign stalls after Iowa, McKinley says he's ready to support McCain.)

Tomorrow night will determine whether Romney's superior and well-funded organization can withstand the passion of Huckabee's supporters. And whether there will be a true "winner" on the Democratic side before everyone decamps to New Hampshire in anticipation of next Tuesday's primary there.

Predictions, anyone?